Helping You Regain Control Of Your Career

Conforto Law Group focuses solely on employment law cases for hardworking Boston residents and employees throughout Massachusetts. Our practice covers a wide range of legal matters that range from drafting employment contracts to litigating whistleblower claims.

A significant part of our employment law practice involves non-competition agreements, a complex area that requires a skilled and experienced lawyer.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Career

Our practice involving covenants that restrict where an employee can work is twofold.

Prospective employees looking to join a company come to us to review their noncompete agreements before signing them. This is a step we encourage for anyone who is asked to restrict their future option as a condition of their employment. We look at the contractual language and provide our recommendations for employees going forward.

Many cases see us in the courtroom fighting non-compete agreements. The process starts when our clients receive a cease and desist letter that demands to leave their new job. Judges may side with them if they believe that permanent damage has resulted from the departure. Our job is to build strong cases to dispute damage and that noncompete agreements are nonspecific or too limiting.

Committed To Safeguarding Your Future

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