Committed To Safeguarding Your Career Interests

When you start a new job, you envision a growing career in your industry that provides you potential opportunities in the future. Out of nowhere, the right offer may come along where you consider pulling up stakes and bringing your talents to a new company.

Yet, one obstacle may exist, particularly if your soon-to-be employer asks you to sign an agreement that bars you from moving to the competition. Suddenly, future options seem to be significantly limited.

Putting You In Control Of Future Professional Prospects

Proactive steps before putting pen to paper are paramount. At Conforto Law Group, we attend to every detail in reviewing noncompete agreements and other restrictive covenants, such as nonsolicitation clauses. Our objective is to secure our clients' interests and prevent future, career-limiting litigation.

Noncompete clauses provide your employer exclusive rights to your services. Pacts that are enforceable will prevent you from making a living and continuing to grow in your career. Your professional future is at stake.

Massachusetts employers have a right to protect their business interests. However, those rights only go so far. They must serve a legitimate business purpose. If you are presented with a noncompete agreement with restrictive covenants should you leave the company, you need the help of an employment lawyer.

Do Not Sign A Noncompete Agreement Before Speaking To Us

It is never too soon to think about your long-term future. We can help protect it. If you require legal help navigating through the legalese contained in a noncompetition agreement, contact an employee rights attorney at our Boston law office at 617-721-9139. You can also reach us via email.