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The decision to leave an employer is rarely easy. Career transitions represent uncertainty as employees continue to ply their trade in a new environment. However, that decision may lead to a former boss alleging violations of a noncompete agreement.

Similar to many employees who have faced this adversity, you may just want to give in and avoid the legal problem altogether. At Conforto Law Group, we will help you aggressively dispute the noncompete violation and directly respond with arguments of our own.

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Your professional future is on the line. You need immediate legal representation to protect your professional future. Our employment lawyers combine experience and success in fighting Massachusetts employers' desire to sideline your career pursuits.

Noncompete litigation begins with the employer sending a cease and desist letter. The document provides important information for us. It gives us insight to their position and what they believe makes the restrictive covenant enforceable.

From there, demands for the former employee to quit their new position come next. The court will grant that request if they believe that there will be irreparable damage to the former employer if the employee stays with the new company.

On your behalf, we will craft a defense based on your specific situation. We have challenged noncompete agreements in court using a variety of arguments. A noncompete may be unenforceable if it is ambiguous, too broad in scope, or fails to show that damage to the former employer exists.

Do Not Sign A Noncompete Agreement Before Speaking To Us

It is never too soon to think about your long-term future. We can help protect it. If your former employer has accused you of violating a noncompete clause, contact an attorney at our Boston law office at 617-721-9139. You can also reach us via email.